No Restrictions, No Limitations

When it comes to organ donation, don’t count yourself out.

With more than 100,000 people waiting for life-saving organ transplants, the need for registered organ donors is great. Fortunately, any person of any age or with a medical condition could still be an organ, eye and tissue donor. So remember, everyone can sign up to be an organ donor – not just young people in perfect health!

In EVERY SITUATION, medical teams will do everything in their power to save your life. The opportunity for organ, tissue and cornea donation occurs only after someone has died.

Anyone can register to become an organ donor. Sign up today!

Facts about organ donation

  • Doctors, nurses and first responders will do all they can to save your life at the hospital, even if you are an organ donor.
  • No one is ever too old or too young to give the gift of life.
  • Organs go to people who were born with or developed diseases that have caused organ failure. Less than 5% of those waiting for a transplant because of their own behaviors or choices. For those people, they must achieve and sustain sobriety before they can be listed for a transplant.
  • Few illnesses or conditions prevent someone from being a donor. People with diabetes, heart disease, hepatitis and even HIV have saved lives through organ and tissue donation.
  • All major religions consider organ donation to be an individual decision or support it and see it as the final act of love and generosity toward others.
  • Financial and celebrity status do not determine who receives a transplant.
  • Organ and tissue donation will not interfere with traditional funeral arrangements such as an open casket.
  • Donors and their families are not responsible for any costs related to donation. All costs are incurred by the organ procurement organization.


Meet Cecil Lockhart

Welch, WV

Did you know that the oldest organ donor in the United States was a 95-year-old West Virginian? Cecil Lockhart was able to donate his liver and the recipient was able to live on through his donation. The donation helped the Lockhart family through the grieving process and eased the loss they had by knowing that part of their loved one lives on.



Meet Tina Miller

Winfield, WV

When Tina Miller’s husband, Jack, suddenly passed away from a heart attack, she did not believe there was any way he would be able to donate his organs. Fortunately, he was able to become a donor. Jack was a chaplain and a giver to his core, and he was able to save a five-year-old girl’s life with his heart valve donation.

Anyone can register to become an organ donor. Sign up today!

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