Change A Life Forever

Registered organ donors give hope to people waiting for life-saving transplants. With over 500 West Virginians currently waiting on an organ donation, making sure you are registered helps give a second chance at life.

As the number of organ donors increases, it gives those on the list hope that they, too, will get the opportunity to be able to live a healthy life to its fullest. 

Give hope to those waiting. Sign-up today!

Meet Vicky Keene

Charleston, WV

The gift of life is a wonderful thing. Vicky Keene’s diagnosis changed her life tremendously and she could no longer do the things she loved. After having a successful double lung transplant, Vicky received the biggest blessing of all – a chance at a full life. There’s always a silver lining. 




Meet Sam Romano

Bridgeport, WV

Life can change in an instant. While preparing for his freshman year of college, Sam Romano discovered that he needed a life-saving transplant. The ability to extend someone’s life is one of the most important things we can do for each other. This gift not only impacts the recipient extraordinarily, but also benefits their family and friends.




Meet Eric Claus

Buckhannon, WV

There are no words to express the difference organ donation can have on a person’s life. As his diagnosis worsened and treatments no longer worked, Eric Claus had reached the point of utter exhaustion. Then, he miraculously received a kidney transplant that saved his life. 


Give hope to those waiting. Sign-up today!

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